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Protect and promote the natural and cultural heritage of Luso

Entrepreneurship Prize

Promoted by the Luso Foundation, it aims to reward new innovative projects for the community, already developed and implemented in Luso and drivers of local and regional economic development. The following business areas are covered: agriculture, commerce, industry, services and tourism.

Below are some of the prizes previously awarded:

- As Lavadeiras – automatic self-service laundry project implemented in Luso.
- Keep Fresh – Rebentos e Flores Comestíveis, microgreens, herbs and edible flower production project.
- Dona Mena do Luso - modernization and adaptation of the kiosk in Luso and acquisition of a caravan to take the Luso name to events and fairs around and outside the county.
- Centro Social Comendador Melo Pimenta - contribution to community and social development.
- Luso Tennis Club - contribution to the promotion of this sport in Luso.

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Heritage Recovery

Luso’s local heritage restoration and rehabilitation is essential to keep the history of the Luso Foundation alive.
It is a way of bringing together the past, present and future, enhancing the symbols and the most important places of the source of Água de Luso.
This initiative is also equally important in that it contributes to the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage of the country’s central region.

Recovery of the Saints in the Main Altar in Convento Santa Cruz do Bussaco

The Luso Foundation has promoted the recovery of several sacred art pieces found in the Main Altar of Convento Santa Cruz do Bussaco with the proceeds from the annual exhibitions held at the Luso Casino. Some of these are already completed, such as the one of São João da Cruz and Santo Elias, as well as the art piece on the main altar of Covento Santa Cruz do Bussaco.


Recovery of Capel de S. João Evangelista in Luso village center

The Luso Foundation financed part of the interior restoration of this Chapel, namely its walls, ceiling, altar and vestry. This chapel, located in the center of the village, is close to the 11-water spouts fountain, which also bears the name of Fonte de S. João. In addition to this financing, the Foundation also offered an engraving from its museum collection of Christ's last supper.


Recovery of the “Motherhood” statue offered to the Coimbra Children’s Hospital

In 2017, on World Children's Day, the Luso Foundation financed the recovery of Cabral Antunes' sculpture, "Motherhood", later recreated by Vasco Berardo and owned by the Coimbra Children’s Hospital. The sculpture stands in the hospital’s garden and symbolizes motherhood and the bonding of a mother and her children, represented in this work by a woman with a child in her arms surrounded by her other children.


Voluntary Work

With the aim of raising the community’s awareness to the need to protect, preserve and value the environment and surrounding ecosystem, every year the Luso Foundation carries out various voluntary work initiatives involving the community, stakeholders, associations, schools, firemen and employees from Sociedade Água de Luso.

Examples of these initiatives:

  • Planting of vegetable gardens in schools
  • Planting of herb gardens in schools
  • Awareness raising lectures
  • Tree planting and reforestation
  • Afforestation of Parque Municipal Mealhada
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Entrepreneurship is a way of life that requires construction and development

The Luso Foundation established a J.A.P. partnership with the Municipality of Mealhada for the joint launch of the program: “The Community and the Family across the municipality’s schools”.
During four consecutive years, the Luso Foundation attended these schools and promoted the "Learn to Achieve" program addressed to 1st and 2nd grade students, aged 7 – 9, and consisting of a series of five sessions involving about 300 students, and 7 volunteers from the foundation per school year who contributed with their knowledge.
The objective of these classes was to guide students in discovering the meaning of Community and Family, Family relationships and community businesses, the State’s role in developing services for the well-being of its citizens and the responsibility of these citizens in their respective communities.


Actions with the Community

Initially designed to host entertainment activities for thermal bath users, the Casino is now often made available, free of charge, for various recreational activities organized by the Community, stakeholders and partners.

Mealhada Hockey Club’s Ballet School

During weekends in April and May, all children and young teenage ballet dancers’ rehearsals preparing for international exams are held in the Casino lounge.

The dancers’ exam performances for the Royal Academy of Dance (UK) are also evaluated at the Casino.

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Bread and Honey Fair

The Bread and Honey Fair takes place annually in the Casino Mall. This fair is organized by the Association of Beekeepers of the Central Coast Region, based in the village of Luso, also in charge of beekeeping seminars held at the Luso Casino in the scope of the National Beekeeping Program.

This association has about 600 members from the central region of the country, mostly producing hives and honey in Serra do Bussaco.


Universidade CADES for senior citizens

The Luso Foundation supports Universidade CADES for senior citizens in the Mealhada municipalityCADES offers socializing opportunities to the region’s retired population, promoting and encouraging autonomy as well as personal and social relationships whilst stimulating cognition, greater dynamics and active ageing and thus avoiding isolation.

The main purpose of Universidade CADES is to adapt the available opportunities to the interests of the community.

The university is currently operating in three areas: Mealhada, Luso and Pampilhosa.



There are many performances like music concerts, plays, poetry recitals which take place both on the indoor stage or the outdoor stage of the Casino mall.

The library space or hall are often used for releases of books and works by national and local authors.

Conferences are also regularly organized by the Luso Foundation for thermal bath users and also open to the general public. The famous popular parades of São João do Luso also take place in Luso.

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